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Title: Ease On Down The Road
Artist: Michael Jackson and Diana Ross
Album: The Wiz Soundtrack
Played: 723 times


Michael Jackson and Diana Ross || Ease On Down The Road

Well there maybe times when you wish you wasn’t born.
And you wake one morning just to find your courage’s gone.
But just know that feeling only last a little while.
You stick with us, and we’ll show you how to smile, yeah

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First Look at On the Town [x]

Just freeze your brain…


by littlekaty

Cremation Funds For Daddy



Most of you guys know me as Roxy, but my real name is Desiree. Roxy is just my nickname even in the real world. I have some really messed up things going on in my life right now. Three weeks ago I got the worst call of my life, my dad had a heart attack in his sleep and hadn’t been found for three days. He had no life insurance, I have seizures and am nine months pregnant expecting any day now. I have been unable to work since the seizures started so I have no way to cremate my daddy. I am the only daughter, his “family” is unwilling to help and I just want my daddy to be able to rest in peace. I’ll post the obituary so you guys don’t think I’m just trying to get something for nothing because I can promise you I just want my dad at rest!! I have a gofundme page and whatever you are willing to do I will be more than appreciative! I hate asking anyone for anything and this is beyond personal to me.

Sometimes I doubted that you loved me but looking back on everything now you showed me you loved me the only way you knew how. You had your ways of coping with me not being there as did I. We didn’t always see eye to eye but on most things we did, we fought and argued about the little things but in the end we always worked everything out. I guess by saying I hated you and didn’t care was just my way of dealing with the abandonment I felt but the truth is I could never have hated you, and now I know you didn’t hate me you just didn’t know how to deal with me not being there. I’m sorry I didn’t understand before, and I wish I could tell you that I do now. I know you don’t hurt anymore, and I know you can see so much better now, you know what Charlie looks like before even I do, you see all. I guess I’m selfish because I’d much rather you be here then up there but I know you are better off. I love you daddy 01/27/1945 - 09/25/2014”


Guys, please help my friend any way that you can. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and spread the word. Thanks!

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